John (Fred) Nixon

Hello, I'm Fred Nixon

Computer Scientist | Innovator | Developer | Rubyist

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John (Fred) Nixon

Computer Scientst - Innovator - Developer - Rubyist


IP Networking and Security
Javascript (ES6)

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I'm a physics graduate student who found working with computers strangely compelling. I've spent time in several different areas of Computer Science, always learning. I've used my intellect and technical chops to make great products for everything from embedded handheld systems (FedEx) to national ISP datacenters (Mindspring/Earthlink). I've used my communication skills to explain complex ideas to non-specialists in an understandable and convincing manner. I've been around the block, and I can make a difference.

I am open to inquiries for full-time work.

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My education and experience.


Computer science

Ph.D. dissertation Archimedes: a Microarchitecture debugger and description language. Research into describing hardware at the bus and register level, with timing, to enable the automatic generation of a microcode simulator and debugger. These tools would enable the development of microcode in parallel with microprogrammed hardware, and would easily adapt as the hardware design changed.

Vanderbilt University

Doctor of Philosophy

Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics

Undergraduate research into eclipsing binary stars using UBV differential photometry.

Vanderbilt University

Bachelor of Arts

Recent Experience

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Lead engineer of GE Digital monitoring team. Consulting support for GE Business units adopting New Relic monitoring. Automated installation, silencing, and productized internal billing across GE. Member Critical Services and Healthcare Critical Services SWAT teams, creating monitoring framework with automated ticketing for enterprise wide services.

General Electric Company

2/2017 - present

Chief Technical Officer

Developing prototypes of the JustSign and JustEncrypt products, based on the Darkmail RFC work. Both products work with the SMTP mail infrastructure world, delivering most of the benefits of Darkmail without requiring a a complete infrastructure rebuild.

GP Research

10/2015 - 2/2017

Consulting Open Source Developer

Developer on a Darkmail reference implementation based on the lavabit/libDIME codebase. I wrote and tested a version of the network plumbing for the Darkmail Transport Protocol that supported user signets and remote mail delivery. See for the draft RFCs. I left CAS when the project was abandoned.

CAS Group

5/2015 - 9/2015

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